Interviewstreet Renamed HackerRank for Work

Coming January 2014

As one of the founders of Interviewstreet, I'm excited and humbled that our company has grown to 1,000+ customers all over the globe. I'm looking forward to a bright, busy future building our platform into the first choice for technical recruiting everywhere.

With that goal in mind, our ideas and products have evolved! Interviewstreet can help you optimize your existing hiring process, but what would it take to improve it at its foundation by building a community of programmers that are engaged with your brand and the problems you solve, with the potential to work at your company?

We launched HackerRank last year at TechCrunch Disrupt to build the largest community of programmers in different domains of Computer Science (such as AI, Machine Learning and Functional Programming) who love to solve interesting problems for fun, prizes or jobs. HackerRank has grown into a community of 150,000+ programmers and some of our customers have already launched competitive programming contests for the HackerRank community.

The same core technology powers HackerRank and Interviewstreet and while we continue to grow both products, we are now combining the two brands and renaming Interviewstreet as HackerRank for Work. HackerRank for Work will be supported by the Interviewstreet team, at the same price, but with exciting improvements throughout the product. HackerRank for Work offers the Interviewstreet platform to help you screen candidates and conduct phone interviews with analytics and insights on top of it… plus the opportunity to host competitive programming contests.

We are committed to helping you make your entire technical recruiting process smooth and streamlined. We will continue to give our all to ensure your success!